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Longevity Impetus Grants -  - Areas of Interest - Rosenkranz Foundation

The Rosenkranz Foundation has partnered with Hevolution Foundation to fund aging science through Longevity Impetus Grants: "Started in 2021, Impetus Grants provide funding for scientists through a radically streamlined process that favors high-risk, high-reward research projects in the aging space.The grants empower scientists to start working on what they consider the most important problems in aging biology, without delay.

Since inception, the program has deployed more than $24 million into science, supporting a number of aging clinical trials, biomarkers, novel tools, and model organisms. The previous rounds of Impetus Grants has already generated more than a dozen published papers, including some which have been recognized as important breakthroughs in the field. In a new collaboration with Hevolution and The Rosenkranz Foundation, the program will expand its efforts on funding research scientists with longevity-related projects that, if successful, can have a dramatic impact."

Find out more about the Round 3 results here.