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Rosenkranz Writer-In-Residence Program at Yale University -  - Areas of Interest - Rosenkranz Foundation

The Foundation created an endowment for Yale University to establish the Rosenkranz Writer-In-Residence program at the school. The intention of the program is to bring prominent authors, critics, playwrights, journalists, screenwriters, essayists and social commentators to Yale on a temporary residential basis. Authors live as a fellow at one of Yale’s 12 residential colleges and have a variety of contacts with students through seminars, lectures, readings and office visits.

Mr. Rosenkranz commented that “the program’s goal is to enrich the life of a great university by providing a different order of experience for her students and distinctive, non-traditional element to her faculty.” To date, three writers have come to live, teach and interact with students at Yale. They are:

— Ved Mehta, former staff writer at The New Yorker for over 33 years and noted Indian-born author of over 25 books, including the acclaimed series of 11 books with the omnibus title Continents of Exile;

— the literary novelist Robert Stone, author of Outerbridge ReachChildren of Light and Damascus Gate, among others; and

— former Poet Laureate of the United States Louise Glück, author of AraratVita Nova and The Seven Ages, among many other volumes of poetry.