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Robert Rosenkranz & Alexandra Munroe Honored by The Speyer Legacy School

Robert Rosenkranz & Alexandra Munroe Honored by The Speyer Legacy School
April 8, 2015


Rosenkranz Foundation directors Robert Rosenkranz and Alexandra Munroe have been selected as honorees by The Speyer Legacy School, recognized for their contributions to education through The Rosenkranz Foundation and Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates.

On Wednesday, April 29th, Speyer Legacy School will present “An Evening of Wonder & Discovery,” honoring…

Robert Rosenkranz and Dr. Alexandra Munroe
David Gerstenhaber and Dr. Murray Gerstenhaber
Award Presentation by Byron Wien

The event is aimed at raising awareness of, and garnering support for the most underserved student in our country: high-achieving children from low-income communities.


About Speyer Legacy School

The Speyer Legacy School is the only independent school in Manhattan designed for advanced learners. Central to Speyer’s mission is the appreciation for innovation, differentiation, and the unknown. The Speyer Legacy School is committed to maintaining the following in its approach and curriculum:

• an interdisciplinary curriculum

• a fearless faculty that responds to students’ inquiry

• a limitless learning environment

• Students will enter The Speyer Legacy School with a wide range of interests, strengths, challenges and perspectives. It is our goal that they will leave more confident and  developed in their individuality, with the ability to engage in real-world challenges while respecting diverse communities.

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